Best Friend

The Best Friend Among Us

The Best Friend Among Us


It was a cozy winter evening and since I was tackling the covid 19 virus inside my body and struggling hard not to get bored, I tried to watch some stuff on Netflix so I watched Crown and I must say an amazing is after a while I finished watching season 2 I thought. let’s take a break and play something so I switched to a game which I am a pro at i.e “Among US” on this game any 10 players all over the globe join on a spaceship, and do different tasks and it depends on the host that how many imposters has he set, from a maximum of about 3 to a minimum of 1.

As I started hosting today, their joined me someone called Mr.cheese since he was the first one to join I wrote a welcome note, he said thank you, his avatar of orange skin and cheese on the head instead of a hat did justice to his name, he was looking too hilarious and cute at the same time, so I asked him, from where he was. He said the United States, we had a good conversation till then the players joined us and I pressed that start button since we played 5 games in a row.

In the first game a guy named Karie killed both Mr.cheese and me, and had the victory in his hands, The second game also followed up with a disappointment for us as someone wearing that purple avatar and black avatar won, in the third game Mr. cheese was an imposter since I saw Mr.cheese killing a guy, I reported the dead body and voted for him and same did the other crew members because in the discussion I told them that Mr. cheese was an imposter, all the votes were for him and he finally got evicted, there was the victory for the crew and defeat for him and his partner, I firmly pressed the fourth play start button and to my amazement both I and Mr. cheese were imposters, we really enjoyed killing them, and yes we were not caught, a big Victory we had in our favour.

Now it was a farewell game, the last round the 5th round in which i was the imposter, i killed a guy in a pink avatar in front of Mr. cheese, he didn’t report the body, till then someone with the name the detective came and reported the body and told everyone that Mr.cheese had killed the guy. And Mr cheese admitted it, he said he was guilty doing it, and I was amazed, I told them it was me not him, but they didn’t listen to me, they all voted up for him and finally he is ejected and there was a crown of victory over my head.

I was happy and sad at the same time because no one ever did such a thing for me, my own friends killed me and stood up against me that every time we played, but this guy was something amazing, I wanted to thank him but our dumb Kashmiri server lost the connection, and since then I am not able to find him if Mr. cheese you are reading this I want to say a big thank you to you, not because you made me win but you really taught me a deep meaning of friendship.


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fatima wani

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