The Voyage


Sitting in this ship of love
It’s been years travelling
From here and there
And everywhere in each direction
They tell me to leave the ship
At the Peru coast
And let the ship take some rest
But I know there comes an El Nino
Which will destroy everything
They call it the Christ’s child or a little boy
But I wonder how it can be so destructive
So I weep
To go on another Pacific voyage
This time I want the ship to stop
And there comes this little girl
With the good nutrition to the ocean
And to my amazement, there is a dawn of hope
And drought too
But being a protagonist I always believe
In tidy endings
I know one day this cycle will end
And there will be again a sunny day
On the voyage


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fatima wani

fatima wani

They call me sim and I believe writing is an art, a writer by profession and by passion, from the valley of blooms, Kashmir, always in search of truth

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