long distance

Long Distance

Long Distance

So what if we are indifferent
zones of time;
You know I’m yours,
I know you’re mine.
So what if I can’t see the sun
setting in your eyes;
Thinking of us, staring at the horizon,
still feels Paradise.
So what if I don’t get
to hold your hand;
I do a lot more to you, asleep,
in my Dreamland.
So what if the villainous network
doesn’t let me see your face;
I still find you smiling at me,
through the cosmic rays.
So what if you don’t lay with me,
every night, in my bed;
I hold my pillow like I’d hold you,
your name being said.
So what if we can’t share
together some morning coffee;
The rim of my cup tastes like your lips,
coated with toffee.
So what if the desires of my body
crave for your touch;
Your red sweater, you left last summer,
builds me a hutch.
So what if the distant stars
are not yet in align;
I reside in your every breath,
like you, in mine.


In parallel affairs with Physics and Poetry. Fardeen is a student of MSc Physics, living in Bengaluru and Sanam is the writer dwelling in him.

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