My Shanti Spot

My Shanti Spot

Nature can be man’s best friend’ is something I read in primary school. Like most things I forget after taking an exam, this evaded my lanes of memory gradually. I never found a friend in nature after the old tamarind tree in the backyard of my late grandfather’s house, hundreds of miles from Bengaluru, the city I call home.

Being a proud citizen of Bengaluru, I like to boast about its tech-parks, malls, shopping streets and, of course, the night clubs, which never let the city sleep. All these places represent my city in magazines, newspapers and goggle search. What also represents my city is the slow-moving traffic and the deafening honks.

A city growing as tremendously as Bengaluru can offer everything you need for your survival at your fingertips. But what we need the most in our busy lives, is some time and a place to recharge ourselves. Unfortunately, the malls and the clubs do not have that on their menu card leaving us with nothing but returning to the elements of nature.

Spread across 37.1 acres, Sankey Tank reconnects people to the elements of Mother Nature which are very well preserved in this manmade tank. Nature and Manmade may not seem to be in accord when used in the same sentence, but this lake park- located in the western part of the city, in the heart suburbs of Malleshwaram and Sadashivanagar- defies the manmade rules of grammar with its natural composition.

Walking around the lazy lake, reflecting the sunlight between the layers of water overlapping reminds me of my volatile calm which I loose very quickly. Every time the sunrays embrace me and pass on to the surface of the playful water, I feel connected to the very element I’m made of- water. The trees of different heights and different shades of green seem to whisper in my ears, prompting me to breath. The chirping birds of different colours and the children laughing, playing, lull me like the soothing smell of Chausa mangoes my grandmother would wash for me and my cousins, taking me back to the friend I had hundreds of miles away from home.

Sitting by a bench in a corner of the lake, I’ve written many of my assignments and my very first Urdu Ghazal. The conversations I have with myself keep me away from everything else and allow me to connect myself not only with the art I aspire to create but also with myself.

The colours, the smells and the sounds I hear on the bench converge at the horizon of my mind to create a vibration around me which reintroduces me to the first friend I had as Nanna Shanti spot in Namma Bengaluru.





In parallel affairs with Physics and Poetry. Fardeen is a student of MSc Physics, living in Bengaluru and Sanam is the writer dwelling in him.

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