what happened

What Happened ?

What Happened?

Pandemic-2020 made it much worse for the people of valley, as it increased amount of lockdowns and abnormal daily routine’s. Encounters, internet shutdowns, crackdown, mass rapes, disappearances are every day normal for the people of the valley. Since ages when terrorism erupted after illegal occupation of the suppressor.

After some long everything was trying to be back on normal. Business re-opened, colleges were opening up. Yawar was quite happy about it and woke up early to be ready for the college after ages. To meet his friends after some long, Yawar was a much-spoiled child among others in his home. Yawar was the only boy in three sisters. He lived in the upskirts of the valley. Being 21 he never behaved like normal teenagers.

Hey mom! greetings Yawar said while entering into the well-furnished kitchen to have some breakfast

While everyone else had woke up & had it, yawar was always a latecomer.

Be safe today, Yawar’s mom told while he was having the bowl of cereals

Ya mom no worries I will be careful

Yawar’s father was a farmer by profession & tried to provide everything he could to the best of his ability. He was quietly reading the newspaper in the corner

9:30 on the clock and Yawar left in hurry without even saying goodbye to his mom roads were rushed, buses, traffic, open shops, happy people walking around, streets were busy. Yawar saw his friend across the road in a white shirt and grey pants.

Hey Mudasir, Yawar shouted from across the road

Lights turned red and Yawar crossed the road both hugged each other and boarded the bus to college.

Let’s play a Pubg match until we reach our stop, Mudasir expressed

Ya sure let’s do it

News circulated in the bus that some encounter is going on nearby, and no one reacted much as it wasn’t something new to the people so didn’t Yawar and Mudasir as they were busy in the game of chicken dinner. Once in a thousand times, we have a feeling of fear, of losing someone who isn’t even ours. usually, we don’t care about others, but we should and tell them we care about you, it’s basic humanity.

Later that night news came out encounter ended and one terrorist was shot dead, leaving everyone in distress because from years innocent teenagers were killed in the name of terrorism.

Suddenly the news highlighted and released the id card of terrorist killed. It was yawar.

But everyone was in a state of shock. The body was unidentified due to bullet shots but was found with Yawar’s id card. The whole night was a nightmare, And next day newspapers printed something terrific, the big news in bold letters.

“ Yawar alive, So who really died “?

It was Mudasir.



Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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