Known Stranger – Tale Of Beloved

Known Stranger – Tale Of Beloved

Last Day was here remembering all those days, nights & thousands of memories created in the hostel rooms. Everyone was packing their stuff leaving unanswered regrets behind. And like everyone else Muzamil and Saqib were also packing their bags to leave the campus premises.

Bachelor’s was over & now a new chapter has begun in life. Muzamil & Saqib were friends more like brothers, famous for there friendship inside the campus.

Let’s grab the bags bro Saqib quoted

While Muzamil was still staring at the old unpainted wall

Let’s go bro, Saqib said again while poking Muzamil

Ya let’s wrap it up, Muzamil finally replied

Travelling around the barren roads, snow-covered mountains, for the one last time, for around 4-5 hours they both finally reached to their destination “HOME”

Grad was done now career was a big question as life has begun a new chapter of liabilities, responsibilities and overthinking.

Both Saqib and Muzamil lived in the same city not so far from each other’s residence, so they remained in touch as they were brothers and not friends. Within the first few weeks, Saqib got the job and was happy about it. On the other side, Muzamil was happy for Saqib but somewhere inside he was feeling insecure about still being unemployed. Side effects of basic human nature.

As time passed Saqib got busy in his corporate life but never stopped taking time for his friend Muzamil. They both used to meet every now and then.

Suddenly one day from nowhere Saqib received a text from Muzamil in the middle of the night.

Hey man? how are you doing?

Everything alright. We just talked in the evening Saqib replied

Call me asap, Muzamil quoted

*general phone ringtone*

Hi, bro everything fine? Muzamil said

Ya what is it tell me fast Saqib asked in a state of fear and confusion

Man I have decided to move out for the job

Move out? Where? Saqib replied

*bit silence*

Really? Are you ready for it? Saqib said again meanwhile he was happy about Muzamil. But somewhere he had a feeling of fear of losing his only brother from another mother in the worldly race

The day came & Muzamil went out of the state & Saqib accompanied him to the airport. To say him a goodbye

With time muzamil found a mega-company and got a job in it. Saqib and Muzamil both were happy in their lives and still being in touch. But I always quote “Distances eventually kills the most loving feelings”. Even being busy in both their lives, Muzamil and Saqib even went for a vacation together in an exotic place and had a lot of fun.

Problems arose when muzamil really got busy with his stuff and Saqib used to taunt him a lot for it. One day they even fought for it a lot but in the end, Saqib asked for an apology. This happened many times but Saqib used to neglect it because of the love he had for Muzamil. Finally, one day somewhere in the month of February Saqib and Muzamil underwent some miscommunication and this time Saqib decided not to text and see how things will go.

Eventually, a week passed and no reply from Muzamil. Suddenly when Saqib was left with no choice he called Muzamil fewer times for two-three days but Muzamil declined the calls. And finally, Saqib lost the fight of forbearance and decide just to keep calm. Weeks passed, months passed and there was no reply from Muzamil. When one fine day nearly after 5 months, Muzamil texted Saqib a day before the holy month of Ramazan saying sorry. Till than Saqib had already moved on.

He replied back with a smiley and gave blessings to Muzamil.

That day and today it has been more than a year now. Two guys who used to be more than friends and just like brothers are now nothing, but two known strangers to each other.

As I quote it

“Life was beautiful, but then distances ruined everything”


Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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