who am i

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

What’s my face and what’s my mask?
You wouldn’t know, cause I don’t know..
Difference between dreams and nightmares?
I don’t know and I’d never know..
Don’t try to understand me, make no effort to gauge
I know you can’t, cause I myself can not..
Walk in my shoes, live in the prisons I dwelled in,
Be a convict, judge and executioner..

Wanna touch me? Wanna feel me?
Quit at once,
For I’m but a shadow.

They mean nothing-
My clothes and skin and house and seasons:
Twenty two summers that soaked me up,
Twenty two skies swelling as clouds,
Twenty two weeping monsoons to drench,
Twenty two springs and twenty two autumns;
They’re but the window curtains covering the cracked glasses of dirty windows-
Looking into all the overlapping shadows of past,
In an earthy inn my transient body rents
Until the departure of my eternal soul..

A few more summers, probably longer,
And few more monsoons, springs and autumns,
Then shall arrive an angel with his silver wings,
Dressed all in the colour suiting my spirit.
My guardian angel
With no face, no sex, no gender, no name,
Unites me with Him..
Washing my sins, He lifts me up in His motherly arms,
Embracing my soul, kissing my forehead,
Tossing me up in the air like I’m a pebble
And vanishes before I hit the ground falling for eternity,
Disappearing into dust, scattered in galaxies..


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In parallel affairs with Physics and Poetry. Fardeen is a student of MSc Physics, living in Bengaluru and Sanam is the writer dwelling in him.

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