Who is Bad?

Who is Bad?

Like every other Saturday. My Saturday was usual, waking up late, going out with friends & later regretting why on earth I spend so much on something I shouldn’t have. It was 8:30 in the morning when my alarm rang and as my everyday normal I put it on snooze which continued up to 9:36 & finally I woke up at 9:45.

After having my morning routine of listening to mom’s scolding, I finally had the sip of my has been 4 years since I came back from college and nothing has changed, not a bit.

Living with my parents, elder sister feels sometimes great and sometimes not. Side effects of being in the early ’30s, sad, happy and frustrated.

Mirza, a 13 yr old kid, also living with us. He came a year ago to live with us. As he wanted to study further in the city and couldn’t follow up from his village.

Just after completing my tea, I was reading my newspaper and as usual, dad came into the kitchen had something to eat and went for work. After a while I stood up and went into my room to make plans for the day.

While I was cleaning the mess in my room, mom knocked at the door

Hamid, can I come in?

Yes, mom.

Mom came inside at sat down on the bed

Hamid, I wanted t tell you something

Ya mom, please

Yesterday, your father handed me over some money and I lost it, I checked everywhere but couldn’t find it. I assume mirza may have it as he is young and craves for such things.

I just stared at mom with my eyes wide open

Mom what are you even saying

I am not saying things.. a few days back I lost a thing in the kitchen and when I couldn’t find it. I said to mirza in a rude way and in a few moments, he found it near the blanket.

So that doesn’t mean mom he must have kept it. He may be from a poor background but he has dignity. Later, I left home to spend the day with my friends and at 2:00 clock mom called me saying I searched his room but nothing and even I told him to pack his bags and leave. I couldn’t figure what to say and told mom we will talk once I reach home.

My mind was all the time busy and wasn’t really enjoying and just staring at the unending sky.

Late in the evening when I reached home I found mom in the kitchen and asked her where is mirza?

He is in the room packing his things I guess, mom told loudly

I could see the anger in her eyes but my conscience wasn’t supporting this thought that mirza may be the thief. Mirza was crying and packing his stuff. Things were a little awkward and I went back from the door of his room. Going from here and there in my room, I was figuring what to do when mom suddenly banged my door and said

Hamid, what should I do? what should I do? please tell me

I helped mom and sat her down on the bed

What is it, mom? what happened now?

I was cleaning my room and wardrobe, I found the money in my coat

What? I told you,  damm! I screamed.

Before we could do anything

Mirza had left the house ….


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