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"The Lottery" a short tale : The lottery ticket costed him just Rs.5 only. He could not walk properly because
relatable quotes
Quotes you can relate to :  Love Should Be Pure Because Lust Is A Phase & True Love Never Dies
The investigation - E01 is a newly introduced content on the blog which will deal with book reviews. So Here
"The Outing"  a short story : Once the cab dropped her near the main market, the driver excused himself stating
' Sad Was Sad ' is a type of  feghoot short story : Once upon a time, there was a
a letter to the world
' A Letter To The World'  a Short poem   Dear World, This time will pass, Lockdowns will end But,
"Rainbow’ of Hope" a short story As her eyes surveyed the shop, she tugged at her daddy’s hand urging him
"3 Friends and the Deception" a Short Story : I was driving and roaming around the lake with Tahir on
Sluggish Bullet - Tale of a Solider is written By James I'm so scared, I've reached the stage where time
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