lust stories
The Lost Game of Lust!
Raj entered Radhika’s house for the third time the same day. Seeing Radhika doing her household work, Raj’s sharp eyes
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quotes on life
10 Quotes That Will Make You Think Again – Vol II
The Best 10 Quotes from the life and short stories That Will Make You Think Again Vol-II .All the quotes
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Poetry Contest Winners
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tiny tales
Tiny Tales – E01
Tiny Tales : Tiny Tales are always loved by everyone as they are very short to read and they provide
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scarifice of father
A Sacrificing Father
Central Idea : A Father is someone who always sacrifices his needs for our needs. We have listened to many
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shocking cases of facebook
The Mysterious Case Of Facebook
Central Idea : Facebook has the potential to reach millions and connect them with each other. But Sometimes even Facebook
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10 Quotes On Regret
10 Quotes On Regret by lifeandshortstories 1.  No Matter How Hard You Try To Supress The Regret It Will Ooze
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was he a bad boy
Was He Bad?
Theme : It was getting difficult for Aamir to balance his mental state. Running away or quitting wasn’t a option
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unsolved mysteries 2019
He Just Disappeared! – Unsolved Mysteries ( Episode 01 )
The Spotlight : There have been many unsolved mysteries which couldn’t be resolved like Malaysian flight 370 , bermuda triangle
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1. If it’s absence isn’t bothering or hurting you then it isn’t love , it is just need of present
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