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unsolved mysteries 2019
The Spotlight : There have been many unsolved mysteries which couldn’t be resolved like Malaysian flight 370 , bermuda triangle
1. If it's absence isn't bothering or hurting you then it isn't love , it is just need of present
Sullen Era Of Night is a virtual tale wrote by "Muneeb" in the middle of night around 12:30 Am .The
1947 partition
After struggling and praying for years Mudasir & Aminah had their first child Tahira a cute little baby girl with
healing heart
1. Silence of one and ignorance of other is enough to kill a relationship without listing any reasons and excuses
quenched thirst
Crying was not an option as he was surrounded by people. leaning his head over the window glass trying to
Lost in blackout for years now I tried to heal itI really did !Sometimes with food, sometimes mutenessBut All in
waiting room
The deep dark black circles on her face, yellow eyes were saying it all how happy she was. The messed-up
the bench
The marks all over the bench looked as old as the scars on my heart .Same bench same place where
stranger and love
It was the first morning of 2018 and most of the companies were off unlike mine so both Bengaluru roads