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Welcome to the submission guidelines page.  Here you will find out how to submit a short story to get published on our blog.

Message from the Founder :

“Life And Short Stories” continues to expand its reputation and influence offering some of the best titles in the suspense, thriller, mystery, horror and all other exciting genres. It is our intent to build our blog with quality writers. Our commitment to the publication of first-rate fiction carries with it the requirement that our current authors, as well as those we add to our team of authors, follow a professional set of guidelines when working with us.

Please read our guidelines below. They are required on all submissions :

  • Life and Short Stories accepts submissions in all genres.
  • Before a short story is submitted to us, it must be thoroughly content-edited by a professional editor. Although the team will still do read-throughs and editorial work with the author upon acceptance of the story, it must be as ‘clean’ as possible before we can begin the process of readying the title for publishing it on our blog.
  • Submit an electronic query in the below form  after your short story is complete and has been professionally edited.
  • Our team will respond to you through email if we are interested in posting your story on our blog.In the end, our mission remains the same—to assist our family of writers to become recognized.

  If you are interested in submitting a short story here are the rules (because everything has a rule).

  1. If your short story is more than 500 words to 2000 words then email it to us at in pdf format and if it’s less then 500 words then fill the form below including your short story in the message box.
  2. We will not accept any stories that are sexually graphic in nature, descriptive violence against children or sexually violent in nature. Any stories that have these elements will  be discarded.
  3. Because of the volume of stories we receive we can’t answer everyone back. We will only contact those who we have accepted for publication on our blog. This can take up to 3-7 days.
  4. We do accept simultaneous submissions and stories that have already been published in another website/blog.
  5. If you don’t see your answer here, email us at since we can’t think of everything.

Thank you. We look forward to the future!

Team Life And Short Stories